Australia visa status check now available online

We have launched an Australian visa status check service. For A$10 anyone can check the status of an Australian visa using the passport details at

We expect Australian Employers checking on potential employees work visa status will be the primary users of the service, but also those with the right to work in Australia will be able to get confirmation of these work rights when applying for jobs. Employers often find it a problem to confirm visa conditions and exclude applicants if they think they may run into problems with the Department of Immigration. By including confirmation of the right to work in Australia, applicants will find they are far more likely to have their application considered.

We are able to confirm the status of Australian visas through the Department of Immigration’s electronic visa system. The confirmation that we send will include the class of visa, the visa validity dates, conditions attached to the visa and the stay period in Australia.

It is sometimes possible to confirm the status of an Australian visa for free on the Immigration website at: You may be asked for a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) which is issued when you applied, but most visa holders will not have a TRN as they did not apply online or have lost it. If you are unable to have your visa confirmed on the Immigration website, then we can use our access into the system to confirm the visa without the TRN number. Our Australia visa status check service can be found at:

We are determined to improve the service as we progress and if you have any feedback on our service please email us at



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7 Responses to Australia visa status check now available online

  1. Allen says:

    I wanted to apply for 5 Tourists Visa for my family. 4 Singaporean and 1 Malaysian. How long can I get my VISA approve? How do I check if the VISA that I pay over your site is approved by Australian Custom Authority. I just hope to have a good Holiday trip to Australia for the 1st time.

  2. ravinder rana says:

    i want to apply for work visa of australia, so please tell me which kind of document i have to be submit & how long the time is going for this procedure??

  3. Nishant Kalamkar says:

    I have already applied for PR through a migration agent and it has been 4 months I have not heard anything once I paid the final visa fees. Is there any way you can track the current status of the process ?

    • jl2013 says:

      We can check in the system to see if your visa has been granted, but we won’t be able to provide information about the status on the application.

      • Nishant says:


        Thanks for your reply. And I apologize for not responding after your reply!
        What needs to be done to get the status of the process then ? And how can you help me to see if visa has been granted ?

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